Tying a bowtie is often one of the most dreaded tasks at a formal affair. The effort of getting to the event, mingling, dancing, walking the aisle—it all comes after getting in the tux. There’s definitely something appealing about having a date or significant other tackle the tie, so keep in the dark if you’d like. But if you’re the one taking responsibility: it’s easy enough to learn and there’s always a wealth of online info when you’re in a pinch. We look to Brooks Brothers for their know-how on the topic: 1)   Begin with one end in left hand, extending 1.5 inch below other end in right hand. 2)   Cross longer end over shorter and pass up through loop. 3)   Make front loop of bow by doubling up shorter, hanging end and placing across collar points. 4)   Hold the front loop between the thumb and index finger of left hand. Drop long end down over front. 5)   Place right index finger pointing up on bottom half of hanging part. Pass up behind front loop. 6)   Nudge resulting loop through knot behind front loop. 7)   Hold the bow at both folded ends and pull carefully to tighten the knot. Taking the time to practice now will prevent some (much unneeded) pre-event stress. So pull up a video on Youtube, get out your black satin, and get tying!

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Image 1, 2, and 3 courtesy of Lynne Brubaker, Image 4 and 5 courtesy of Adam Barnes, Image 6 courtesy of Holland Photo Arts.