Hors d’oeuvres are often the most memorable food element of a wedding! Not only are they the first thing you taste, but these bite size treats set the tone for the rest of the wedding feast. We recommend serving five options that vary in style, temperature, and cuisine. When making your selections, the Executive Chefs from our sister properties, Pippin Hill Farm and Cannon Green recommend sticking with this rule of thumb: offer two meat options, two seafood options, and one vegetarian/gluten free option. That way all of your guests are covered and can enjoy the mini bites during your Cocktail Hour! For example, if you are serving beef coins make sure to offer a vegetarian option such as bruschetta or gazpacho shooters. Also, be mindful of the size. Hors d’oeuvres should be consumed in one to two bites. Flatware should not be used unless it is an edible element or part of the display. How about a pastry spoon cradling caviar and creme fraiche?

Here at Easton, we have been finding inspiration through Peter Callahan’s new book, Bite by Bite. His hors d’oeuvres and small plates are fanciful and inventive. Callahan writes, “in an incredibly super sized world, I shrunk the ordinary, and in doing so made it fabulous, chic, and above all delicious.”  From mini vegetable lasagnas to spicy chicken fortune cookies Callahan has made hors d'oeuvres an art form. We recommend taking a peak at his new book for inspiration!

Photography by Jen Fariello